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Edge of Gory.

Things that make you go Hmmm… Following the announcement for one of this year’s biggest collaborations of high-fashion and fast-fashion; the wait to see the complete Versace for H&M collection is finally over… I guess.  Vogue UK posted the entire line this morning, and the first words that came up (besides the chunks) were, well, ‘ewe’.

Lord knows I love me some Gianni. His vision, his energy, his extraordinary panache were not only phenomenal and important: they were completely his own. Even after his mortifying death in 97’, Gianni’s kid sister took an impressive handle on the legendary Italian House and continued to preserve the essence of Versace with an almost infectious amount of grace.  That essence, however, is clearly not what H&M plans on rolling out on November 17..  I mean, seriously. That hat? Those skirts?? This crap looks less like Gianni and more like Snooki if you ask me.

Indeed, the House of Versace has always been known for iconic bold prints, exuberant colors and daring cuts. Donatella, the ‘High Priestess of Gaud’ herself, is a testament to the brand’s over-the-top loud style. But the essential key to Versace’s success is that their brazen prints and overt sexiness are made luxe by high quality fabrics and textiles. So given that H&M’s line will be produced for a lower price point and with lower quality fabrications, well, this could spell trouble. 

And by trouble I mean high fashion Suicide.

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